Module 2: Evaluation

In this module, students look at online reviews, make observations about things that need to be evaluated (or re-evaluated) in the community, design multimodal evaluations, create reviews for the blog and write evaluative papers in the vein of academic discourse.

Please note: my students struggled with establishing credibility and targeting a specific audience in the rhetorical analysis multimodal project, so the rubric, prompt and feedback system in this module has been adjusted to meet those needs. Continue reading to see their improvement!

“When you write an evaluation, you need to consider the criteria on which you will base your evaluation as well as how you will develop those criteria. What aspects of the work, product, service, or idea should you examine for your evaluation? How can you best make an evaluative judgment about it? You will also need to decide what medium and genre will help you get your evaluation across to your audience most effectively.”–Duane Roen, Gregory Glau and Barry Maid, from The McGraw-Hill Guide: Writing for College, Writing for Life



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