Discourse Discussion

Desired Outcomes

  1. understand how discourse communities, genres and modes influence our writing and communication choices
  2. reflect on the different discourse communities, genres and modes we used and experienced in this module

INTRODUCTION¬† Watch this YouTube video and discuss why the student’s communication seems out of place, as well as in which discourse communities the student’s language would be appropriate. Continue reading


Reflection on Module 1

At the end of the Rhetorical Analysis Module I ask students to reflect on what they learned. The students didn’t mention the blog much in their responses. For the next module I plan to ask them more pointed questions about the blog.

  • What did you learn from this module (please give specific examples and definitions)?
  • Please give examples of how (and when) you might apply what you learned in this module to life outside of this class.¬†
  • What was the hardest part of this module for you? Why?

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