Final Drafts Evaluation Projects (HW#11)

“My favorite assignment during this module was the evaluation project. This is because the topic of my project was the same as the topic for my paper, which made the module a whole lot easier. Furthermore, the topic of my project was very relatable to me….I was very interested in evaluating my topic.”    

–English 105 student, Spring 2015

The quality of many students’ multimodal projects improved from the Rhetorical Analysis module. Based on my observations, here’s why:

  • students are now more accustomed to writing on the blog
  • they prepared for the project by brainstorming formats through a blog post that looked at other online reviews
  • I floated around our lab day offering suggestions on the rough drafts
  • based on a class vote, most of them prefer working individually on projects

For more information on what I learned from the Rhetorical Analysis Module–and then applied to the Evaluation Module–please see the post “Future Considerations” under the Rhetorical Analysis Module.

Screenshot 2015-03-06 at 9.32.48 AM

(click to view an evaluation of Wilson Hall)

Screenshot 2015-03-06 at 10.41.35 AM

(click here to read a review of the MacBook Pro

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Rough Drafts and Peer Review (HW#9 and #10)

I have students post rough drafts to Black Board Learn to receive peer feedback. Posting the rough drafts (HW#9) is worth one check, and posting feedback on someone else’s project (HW#10) is worth one check.

Peer Review Questions for Multimodal Evaluation Project

  • what is working well in this evaluation?
  • what needs improvement?
  • who is the audience for the evaluation? are you part of the audience?
  • how does the evaluation establish credibility? (please offer suggestions for improving credibility)

OVERVIEW Multimodal Evaluation Project (HW#9-11)

For this assignment, I ask students to work independently (the rhetorical analysis project was completed in small groups) because I want the topics from their multimodal projects to match their topics for the academic paper. For more about the benefits of thinking in multiple modes about one topic please see The New Work of Assessment: Evaluating Multimodal Compositions


  • Evaluate a product, service, concept or performance relevant to the NAU community
  • Use a minimum of two modes to present the evaluation
  • Establish credibility in the evaluation
  • Display an overall claim (evaluative statement) in the evaluation

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