Teaching Genre, Accepting all Voices

This is a post I wrote for the blog Writing in Professional Communities last fall. The argument the post makes for teaching genre inspired much of the lesson plans and blog assignments on this blog!

Writing in Professional Communities 2014

In my last post I proposed that we try to step away from the grading (and perceived value) of Standard English in our classrooms. This poses many concerns in the writing classroom, including the question: what on earth do we teach in English writing classes if not Standard English? My proposition is that we teach the inclusion of all voices and backgrounds, as well as a general acceptance and respect for diversity. And if that doesn’t sound academic enough, then how about this: an understanding of genre and discourse communities coupled with critical reading, writing and visual literacy skills.

I have to admit, I’m surprised at myself for proposing the teaching of genre as a solution to oppression and discrimination in the classroom.

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