Comparing More Survey Results: The Open-Ended Questions

My last post looked at the responses to multiple choice questions on the midterm survey “The Development of Media Literacy Skills in English 105 Students.” This post will analyze the responses to the open-ended questions on the survey. To read about the methodology and background of the survey please Click Here.   

Question 10: What is the most valuable thing you have learned in the class?

To analyze the results from this question I put the responses into three categories that represent different areas of media literacy: related to analysis, related to evaluation and related to the creation (and engagement) with messages in a variety of forms.

analysis responses (1)

The responses regarding analysis do not show any significant contrast between the different survey groups. In fact, several of the responses from students in the sections using the standard English 105 curriculum show quite a lot of confidence in their ability to analyze messages in different modes. CLICK ON THE CHART TO ENLARGE.

Evaluation (survey response chart) (1)

CLICK ON CHART TO ENLARGE. This comparison doesn’t reveal any significant findings either. At the most, the responses on the left of the table are a little more specific about the modes they have evaluated in so far this semester.

creation responses

CLICK ON CHART TO ENLARGE. This is the only category that reveals a significant difference in responses between the two surveyed groups. The column to the left suggests that writing on the blog and creating multimodal projects has helped students communicate more effectively in academic discourse as well as other modes. Again, these responses only suggest this, and I understand that even though a student thinks they have learned a skill it doesn’t necessarily mean they have learned to use if effectively. The best conclusion I can draw is that I need to continue developing my own data collection practices and to continue observing and surveying my students.

The responses from all the surveyed sections to the other open-ended question were very similar. The question was: In What Areas of Your Life do You (or Will You) Apply Rhetorical Analysis? To view the responses from the sections of English 105 that I teach please Click Here. To view responses from the other three sections of English 105 please Click Here.


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