Logical Fallacies Blog Post (HW#14)


  1. continue writing in the discourse of the blog community
  2. identify logical fallacies presented in the media (and social media) about topics

Please note that my students have not yet begun this module. As soon as they create posts for this assignment on The Critical Student I will share them on this blog. 

Student Instructions 

  • write an introduction that explains what logical fallacies are and why social media users need to be aware of them
  • find three links on the internet related to your topic that use a logical fallacy (either about your side of the issue or the opponents side)
  • explain each fallacy you find and link to the example!

For the example of logical fallacies I share with students, please see the section on “Common Flaws in Arguments” from Writing for College, Writing for Life.

(image from alibris.com)


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