Creating an Opinion Post (HW#12)


  • view a examples of opinion posts from a variety of blogs
  • have students create their own opinion posts
  • have students incorporate links to similar (or opposing!) ideas on the internet

My students are currently working on these posts. Below is the first post to the Critical Student for this assignment. As soon as more posts appear, I’ll link more examples!


Click to view the rest of this student opinion post about budget cuts in the arts!



Blogs provide spaces for people to informally share their opinions with other people and to link and network with similar material and opinions on the internet. I introduce this homework assignment with this idea, and then show my classes a Pew Research study on How Social Media is Reshaping News.

(click to view the Pew Research Center study on How Social Media is Reshaping News)

Instructions for Students (200 points/worth 2 checks)

  • choose an argument, issue, question or problem that is relevant to your generation (for ideas on helping students pick topics please see the post on brainstorm issues, problems and questions)
  • write a friendly introduction that explains what the issue is and why it’s important to the NAU community/your generation
  • include a minimum of three links to social media sites that are discussing this issue or problem–and give a brief explanation about each link
  • include–and cite–a visual

Examples of Opinion Posts (to look at with students)

  • A post making an argument about opinion blog posts–

  • Bill Cosby and domestic violence–

  • Police Brutality–

  • Why some people shouldn’t invest–

  • Two posts from my unprofessional blog–

  • Scarf Bombing–


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