a more specific informational post (HW#13)


  • have students demonstrate that they have narrowed down their topics
  • have students dig deeper into their topics and share more of their information on the blog
  • give students more opportunity for informal internet research (to help them gain a clearer picture of their topics before diving into academic research and generating search terms for academic search engines)

Instructions for Students

  1. create a blog post about the topic for your paper (if you are continuing with the topic you used for HW#12 then make this post about a smaller piece–a side of the issue, a point, a particular aspect–of the topic you used for HW#12)
  2. create an introduction that catches the attention of the reader
  3. link to at least three other places on the internet (different than HW#12)
  4. include–and cite–a visual
  5. as you search the internet for information related to your topic keep track of the key terms used to describe your topic (you will need this list when we start the academic research for the paper!)

Please note that my students are currently working on this module. When they complete this homework assignment I will connect links from their post to this blog. 


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