OVERVIEW Multimodal Evaluation Project (HW#9-11)

For this assignment, I ask students to work independently (the rhetorical analysis project was completed in small groups) because I want the topics from their multimodal projects to match their topics for the academic paper. For more about the benefits of thinking in multiple modes about one topic please see The New Work of Assessment: Evaluating Multimodal Compositions


  • Evaluate a product, service, concept or performance relevant to the NAU community
  • Use a minimum of two modes to present the evaluation
  • Establish credibility in the evaluation
  • Display an overall claim (evaluative statement) in the evaluation

Student Instructions (worth five checks)

  1. choose a product, service, concept or performance to evaluate (it could be something mentioned on the blog)
  2. find at least one organization, group or person to share the evaluation with over social media
  3. decide on a multimodal format (look at the examples posted on the blog from HW#7–which format would work best for your evaluation?)
  4. include an overall claim–or evaluative statement–about your product, service, concept or performance
  5. include pros and cons
  6. include your criteria (and how what you are evaluating matches up to each criteria)
Screenshot 2015-03-03 at 10.07.07 PM

(click to view the rubric for the multimodal project)

Screenshot 2015-03-03 at 10.13.02 PM

(click to see the similarities between the multimodal rubric and the academic rubric)


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