Reflection on Module 1

At the end of the Rhetorical Analysis Module I ask students to reflect on what they learned. The students didn’t mention the blog much in their responses. For the next module I plan to ask them more pointed questions about the blog.

  • What did you learn from this module (please give specific examples and definitions)?
  • Please give examples of how (and when) you might apply what you learned in this module to life outside of this class. 
  • What was the hardest part of this module for you? Why?

Here are some of their reflections.

I feel that this module can be used in almost every aspect of life. Being able to use rhetorical appeals will help with job interviews, analyzing text in other classes, and when getting to know people (whether or not you can trust them based on if and what type of appeals they use).

I really enjoyed being able to create advertisements using rhetorical appeals. I found it interesting, and it allowed me to focus on something I am very passionate about. Creating ads also helped me understand why some ads work on me, and why some don’t.

I actually enjoyed the first couple assignments on the blog. Having to figure out what the author, audience, and purpose were based off either a vague picture or short video was interesting. This later translated into much larger pieces of advertisement, but I still enjoyed those first few.

I think the best part of the module was when we applied the rhetorical appeals in a project. It was nice because it helped us create an effective ad for our peers and how we could use the appeals to strengthen the message.

The tools that I have gained from this module can be used in various situations. For example in the future when I want to buy something I can identify what they are selling and for what purpose. Understanding the who,what, and why is significant in many aspects of life. In other classes I can also use ethos,pathos, and logos to write effective papers.

Outside of this class, I can apply my knowledge of how to determine whether or not advertisements and other types of persuasion that I am exposed to are effective. Anything that is trying to persuade me to buy or agree with can now be analyzed, and therefore not convince me as easily.

Some of the best parts of this module were the group activities in class and brainstorming together about the author, audience, and purpose of our articles. I liked then taking that information and then making it my own and putting all of that information in my own words.

Mainly, I think I would use the things I learned most in making a decision. Breaking down a situation into the categories of ethos, logos, pathos, and especially the purpose could be very useful in making the right decision in a particular situation.


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