Peer Review of Multimodal Projects (HW#4)

To organize the giving and receiving of feedback for the blog projects, I find it easiest to send a sign-up sheet around the room. For homework, students respond to the peer review questions posted below. It is important to preface this assignment with a discussion on the giving and receiving of feedback (similar to managing a peer review session for writing workshop).

Peer Review Questions for Multimodal Projects (100 words/worth one check)

  1. Please give one example of why the message of the project is effective.
  2. Please give one suggestion for how the message could be improved–please refer to the rhetorical triangle for your suggestions (be specific about which piece of the triangles your suggestion falls into)
  3. Things to consider for further suggestions:
  • Could the message be considered offensive? If so, to what audience? How might the group tone down their offensiveness?
  • How could the group add more credibility? Could they improve their language? Demonstrate in some way that they know what they are talking about and have done their research?
  • Is there too much pathos? How might they tone it down?
  • Could they add more logos in the form of statistics and facts?
  • Could they catch more people’s attention by adding more pathos? How might they do this?

*These are just a few ideas. Be creative with your suggestions. The group might not take your suggestion exactly as you word it, but it might be just enough to spark a new idea!


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