OVERVIEW Multimodal Analysis Project (HW#3-5)


  • produce public service announcements that use all of the rhetorical appeals
  • use at least two modes of communication
  • address a specific audience


After introducing this assignment (student instructions are posted below), I find it beneficial to facilitate a class discussion and brainstorm of both message ideas and mode/genre ideas. This version of Think/Pair/Share usually works best for me: break students into groups of 2-3 and ask them to come up with at least three different messages that they think would be important to share with the NAU community (I always come prepared with my own backup list just in case they struggle with this). Then, have all the groups share and project their ideas up on the board.

Here is a list from one of my classes:

  • conserve water
  • recycle
  • dress appropriately for Flagstaff weather
  • Walk more, Drive less
  • How to choose a good password
  • register to vote
  • Boycott the Sodexo
  • Join ROTC
  • Turn off your lights in the dorms
  • Drink more water! Stop drinking soda
  • NAU, please stop the construction of high rise buildings that block the peaks
  • Campus pedestrian education (watch out for bikes)
  • How to eat healthy and workout in winter
  • Stop using phrases like “you guys “ to address women
  • Create a message against an advertisement or corporation (per Russell Brand)
  • Boycott something (an animal tested cosmetic company, for example)
  • Instructions for using the blue light system
  • Bike safety
  • Don’t mix energy drinks with alcohol

After creating the list of topic ideas, break the students into small groups again and ask them to brainstorm digital modes/formats/genres for producing these messages. I let my students produce handwritten work for these projects if they want (but they have to scan them into a JPG in order to post them to the blog).

Here is the list of modes one of my classes came up with this semester:

  • Cartoons
  • Bumper Stickers
  • Poster
  • Short Video
  • Meme
  • Gif
  • T-Shirt
  • Advertisement
  • Prezi


  1. Decide on a message (your context needs to be a message appropriate to the NAU community)

  2. Decide on a format for your message (the only requirement is that it uses a combination of visuals and words)

  3. Must include at least one appeal to credibility, one to logos and one to pathos

CLICK HERE FOR A LINK TO THE RUBRIC. This project is worth five checks (the equivalent of five homework assignments), but the rubric is very similar to the rubric for the academic paper (worth 100 points). The philosophy behind this multimodal rubric is inspired by The New Work of Assessment: Evaluating Multimodal Compositions


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