Final Drafts of Multimodal Projects (HW#5)

The multimodal final drafts are really entertaining to grade! Below are a few projects produced by my students this semester. The quality was not as good as I expected, and in the future I think it will be important for me to give them feedback on the rough drafts (along with the peer feedback). But it’s also the first of four projects, so there is plenty of room for improvement this semester. Here is a summary of the things my students struggled with the most:

  • building credibility (and referencing sources in the projects)
  • targeting an audience
  • clarifying the purpose of a message
  • deciding on an effective and appropriate mode for the projects’ message.

Below are the instructions I give students for submitting the final drafts.

1. If your project is in a word document or PDF please convert it to JPG (the blog reads JPGs best). Here is a link to do this:

2. Review the rubric with your group

3. Have one member of your group post the project to The Critical Student

I HOPE TO IMPROVE THIS PROJECT IN THE FUTURE! I will continue to update this post as the semester progresses with new ideas and observations. Please let me know if you have any thoughts or suggestions. 


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