Organizing the Analysis Curriculum


  1. to create a Menu Tab for the student blog that links to all of the comments, posts and projects for the Rhetorical Analysis Module
  2. to phrase the Menu Tab and Categories in a way that emphasizes critical analysis without the use of terms within academic discourse (such as rhetoric, rhetorical analysis, rhetorical tools, rhetorical context, ethos, logos and path)
  3. to demonstrate to students in class (or with written directions) how to navigate this section of the blog, what their roles are and how to go about posting their homework assignments

Screenshot 2015-03-02 at 9.32.16 AM

These are the four Menu Tabs for the class blog. “Analysis: Local and Global Issues” links to all the Categories for the Rhetorical Analysis Module.


In the future, I plan to gather student input for the layout of the blog (to increase student investment in the blog as a whole). Following is the lesson plan I will use. If you try it in your classroom–or if you have any thoughts or concerns about facilitating the design of the blog in this way–please let me know!



  1. to brainstorm ideas for the Menu Tabs and Categories of the blog with students
  2. to introduce the assignments that correspond with the analysis section of the blog


  • Begin class with an introduction to the assignments for this module (handout calendars and descriptions of homework assignments)
  • Show students the class blog with Menu Tabs that read THIS NEEDS A HEADLINE (use the projector)
  • Show students examples of other blogs and names of menu tabs. Here are some examples: The Kitchn, Pretty Handy Girl, Cycling Dutch Girl
  • Break students into groups of three or for and have them come up with a headline (Menu Tab) for analyzing popular culture as well as names for the three categories that will analyze advertisements, popular news and their public service announcements. NOTE: to make this work, students will need to follow along with the handout of upcoming assignments
  • Put the ideas on the board and vote! (NOTES: if working with multiple classes, a second vote of the winners from each class will need to be taken, and if working with multiple instructors, the instructor-editors will pick the best headline and categories)
Screenshot 2015-03-02 at 10.18.35 AM

These are the tabs I came up with for the rhetorical analysis section. I honestly think my students could have come up with more catchy and engaging navigation tools!


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