Blog Comments: Pop News Analysis (HW#2)

This assignment is similar to the first blog assignment. To prepare for it, compile a variety of popular news and social media clips on the blog. I like to mix it up and include clips and segments from a wide variety of sources: The Daily Show, Trew News, TedTalks, Fox News, Vice News, etc. Below are a few samples of videos I used this semester.

Here’s a link to a Daily Show Comedy Skit:

Homework #2 (worth one check unless using a different grading system)

Instructor Preparation

  • post a variety of popular news and social media clips to the blog (if collaborating with other instructors then divide up this task)

Instructions for Students

  1. Please log onto the class blog, go to “Analyze” and then “News and Social Media, and pick one news clip to analyze
  2. Describe the rhetorical context: author, audience and purpose
  3. Describe at least one example of ethos, logos and pathos (but remember to use language appropriate for the community on the blog)
  4. Explain whether or not the clip you watched is effective
  5. Synthesize your ideas with the responses from people who posted before you!

Here is the link to my students’ comments this semester:


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