The 1st Blog Assignment (HW#1)

Prepare for the first blog assignment by posting advertisements and public service announcements (targeting the millennial generation) to the blog for students to analyze. Since I’m working with 74 students I like to strive for eight to twelve different advertisements. Below are three examples of advertisements I used this semester; the rest can be viewed on the Critical Student Blog under “Analysis” and “Advertisements.”

Homework #1 (worth one check unless using a different grading system)


  • post a variety of advertisements and public service announcements to the blog (if collaborating with other instructors then divide up this task)
  • make sure all students have created usernames and understand how to post comments to the blog (I like to use a lab day to walk students through this, but showing them step-by-step on the projector and giving them written instructors–example included below–should also work)
  •  this homework assignment should come after an introduction to rhetorical analysis and a practice analysis in class (for ideas on this please see the post “Rhetorical Analysis Ideas for the Classroom”), and after a discussion on synthesis


  1. Before assigning the homework discuss the difference between writing on the blog and writing an academic paper. I like to end this module with a big discussion on discourse communities (and begin planting the seed now), but you might consider prefacing with a genre, discourse and mode lesson plan instead.
  2. Show students the compilation of advertisements on the blog. Give each student a question to respond to for homework. Here is a list of seven questions I use: HW#1 List of Questions. I like to give them different questions (as apposed to all students answering the same questions) to encourage more synthesis and variety on the blog, but it would also work to give them all one prompt for the assignment.
  3. Once  each student has a question (or questions) to respond to, give them these instructions:
  • Choose an advertisement that you find interesting and respond to the question from class (on your slip of paper) in the comment section.
  • If someone posted before you, please be sure to synthesize your ideas with their comment (you will not receive full credit if you forget to do this)
  • After writing your comment BE SURE TO FILL OUT YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS plus YOUR USERNAME.
  • Please remember that your audience is the NAU community outside of this classroom. When answering these questions please use terms that an audience outside of this classroom will be able to understand. Think about replacing ethos, logos and pathos with more creative, descriptive terms. Consider other ways that you could describe words like rhetoric and analysis.

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